Crofton Park Library
A Safe Haven

Crofton Park Library inhales the more considered, familial, lonely and reflective of Brockley’s denizens. The boisterous and bloody-eyed; the BMX bikers who lark around and pull wheelies on the street; the gaunt twenty-somethings in track suit bottoms and string vests who walk stridently up and down Brockley High Road; and the English and Somali alpha males who fuelled on testosterone and alcohol make up the electric atmosphere of Brockley Road Wetherspoons, are conspicuous by their absence.

Libraries are not for those who zero in on one emotional hit after another; who are dedicated followers of hedonism at all costs. To visit a library is to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains; it’s to suspend ones masturbatory obsessions and dance with and learn from one’s pain. People wander round Crofton Park Library slowly, contemplatively and quietly. The library is a sanctuary for those who want to momentarily escape the vicissitudes and manic headless chickenness of non-library life.
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