Crofton Park Library
The Greenhouse Effect

Globally its existence may still be debated but in Crofton Park Library the Greenhouse Effect has been proven and lived through. The air can get so hot and thin in the library that after a few hours you begin to drift into a stupor – which you only become aware of when you step outside and the fresh air slaps you back into consciousness. One library user reflecting on last year’s experiences commented, ‘during the hot spells I felt truly overwhelmed with the heat whilst in the library and had to make a hasty retreat’. The reason for this climatic change is not the devastation of the Brazilian rain forest, but instead speed painting. Speed painting is done by painters with tight time schedules to meet. The painter’s sloppy strokes coat the window frame and sills. The paint dries the windows to their sills; which can then no longer be opened. The heating system in the library emits a muffled cacophony of humming and creaking which reverberates through the rarefied air. The melodic melange buries into your psyche and becomes the norm –when it stops you can hear the silence.
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