Crofton Park Library
Soul Singer in Residence

I should have guessed from the top he was wearing but Oliver, a twenty year old man working at Crofton Park Library is a soul singer waiting for his big break. Oliver went to the London School of Performance Arts and was classmates with various talented musicians, including Adele Adkins. Whilst Adele has been launched into the limelight with a career in pop music; Oliver is tidying up the Children’s Library. Obviously for a man with such ambition working in such a quiet little library isn’t going to stimulate him greatly – but his attitude is positive – he finds handling customer complains improves his communication skills. It’s better than being at home. He tries to have chats with customers when there’s not much to do – and has been here for long enough to feel the library is now his home. He still sings when he’s not working at the library.
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