Five London Libraries

The aim of this project is to explore the role of the public library in public life and in individual peoples' lives.

We started off with the belief that there is something special about public libraries.

A library is a like an oasis of peace. It's a place which draws in all age ranges, the rich and poor. It's communal glue.

We decided to chose five libraries in London, which is where we live.

We wanted to compare and contrast. On the one hand we were interested to find out how far you could stretch the concept of a library. On the other hand we wanted to know what was essential and unchanging about libraries.

If you know of a London based library that should be featured here please email us.
We are interested in collecting stories from people who have a strong attachment to their local library. If you have a story get in touch. We can meet with you face to face or contact you via phone, SKYPE or email.

If you think you could help us out with this project, either with web design skills, research or writing skills, we have room for you.

This site is very much a work in progress. Email us at imnotpanicking (gmail address) if you would like to be informed of updates.

We are 'Don't Panic'.