Piccadilly Art Market, 2008, Ravish London

Piccadilly Art Market

Every Saturday and Sunday the south side of Piccadilly, the bit that borders with Green park, becomes a huge art market, with paintings and photography tied to the railings, interspersed by tables of books. The art on sale always looks quirky. I spoke to a guy who was selling framed paintings. He told me that it cost 175 pounds to get a pitch, and then 7.50 a day. I told him that that sounded quite cheap. But he didn't seem to agree. Is it hard to make money I asked? He shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head.

Piccadilly in case you didn't know is a busy London road running from Hyde Park to Piccadilly Circus, and forming the southern border of the evil village that is Mayfair.

On its north side Piccadilly has a range of well expensive carpet shops, embassies, the Royal Academy of Arts, hotels and restaurants. On the south side it has for the main a border with Green Park. In the main it is not a street for carousing down, owing to the burdensome weight of traffic which course up and down it.

Until the seventeenth Century, Piccadilly was known as Portugal Street.The name of the street changed, in honour of Piccadilly House a mansion that was built there in the early seventeenth century, and which took its name from the 'piccadill' a certain kind of collar on a shirt, which the owner of the mansion made his fortune in selling.

Date Article Written: 2008

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