Barclays Wealth, Mayfair, 2008, Ravish London

Barclays Wealth, Mayfair

Barclays Wealth was launched in October 2006 as an organisation dedicated to helping clients get the most from their wealth by acting as their wealth guide.

It is the wealth management division of Barclays and operates through Barclays Bank PLC and its subsidiaries.

According to Barclays Wealth 'High value clients need quality financial services, including investment, banking and credit products, and wealth structuring.'


So what do 'Low value clients need'?

How about we take all the high value clients' money, and burn it? That way we wont have any high value low value distinction. I like that.

Date Article Written: 2008

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Barclays Wealth, 43 Brook Street, London, W1K 4HJ



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